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Some frequently asked questions for you.
  • Missing items

    In the rare event that Team forgot to send part of your order, we will send the missing item/s at no cost to the customer, provided that the issue was communicated to us within 72 hours of when the parcel was marked as Delivered on the courier website. We take photographs of all orders prior to dispatch so we have proof that an order was packed correctly. Please dont try to scam us…

  • Seized Parcel or Seized Items

    Parcel completely or partially seized by customs? Here’s what to do:

    • Case 1: You only receive a seizure letter.
      Send us a photo of your customs seizure letter.
    • Case 2: You receive the parcel, but some or all contents removed with seizure letter inside.
      Send us photos of your customs seizure letter, inside and outside of the parcel, and any customs markings present.

    **We will reach out to your country’s customs enforcement to validate the authenticity of the seizure letter. No personal information will be disseminated during this process. Assuming it’s real (we’ve seen several fake/photoshopped attempts over the years),  a resend will be shipped out to you within 7 working days.

  • Payments

    We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal or any other methods.

    We use Bitcoin and Monero.


    For product safety reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchange (you wouldn’t want us shipping you someone else’s returned stuff).

  • FAQ


    -We ship from EU to EU only delivery time is from 5-7 working days we dont give TN info at any time.

    -Please make sure you use correct info like:

    Sender first name:
    Sender last name:

    Sender city:
    Sender country:
    Phone if needed:

    -If u dont pick up the goods from the post office we will be unable to get it back.


    We can reship any damaged products, but only based on a proof that you’ll have to come with. The same rule will be applied for alleged wrong or incomplete orders. 


    Once your order has been shipped, we do not refund.

  • Help needed?

    If you need proffesional help then we are here for you free just send us email.

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