What is superdrol (Methasterone)? SUPERDROL

Methasterone is an anabolic steroid generated from DHT that is a little chemical variation of Drostanolone (Masteron), while Superdrol is a C17-alpha alkylated steroid.

This isn’t the only difference; compared to Masteron, Superdrol contains a tiny chemical change that offers Methasterone a slightly higher anabolic effect and a slightly lower androgenic effect. Methasterone is a potent anabolic steroid with a very low androgenic feature, as seen by its 400 to 20 anabolic to androgenic ratios.

Methasterone does not aromatize, but as an oral steroid, it poses a risk of liver toxicity and is not recommended for anyone with a history of liver disease. However, for people who are in good health and are hesitant to use injectable steroids, Superdrol might be a tempting alternative to achieving exceptional anabolic benefits without having to inject.

The half-life of Superdrol is only about 8 hours. It begins to operate almost immediately after being given, and its effects can be felt within the first few hours.

Advantages of Superdrol (Methasterone Effects)

Superdrol has some good all-around effects: it’s not a particularly potent mass builder, but with the appropriate diet, it can certainly help you acquire some weight. The good news is that because these gains are free of aromatizing activity, they won’t cause water retention, so they’ll be nice and dry and hard, just like Masteron.

Nitrogen retention and protein synthesis

Superdrol, like most steroids, will improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, which is where the increased anabolic benefits begin. In the end, this improves your ability to build lean tissue while also assisting in the maintenance of your present muscle mass throughout a cutting or fat-loss phase.

Cutting compound

Cutting is possibly where Superdrol can provide the most benefit. When you’re cutting, you’ll be burning more calories than you’re consuming through food. When the body becomes catabolic and burns muscle for energy, a calorie-deficient diet can readily result in muscular tissue loss.

Because of its high anabolic rating, Superdrol prevents this. It protects lean muscle tissue and ensures that fat is the sole source of energy. This helps you to confidently lose fat without sacrificing your hard-earned muscular mass. Without bloating or fluid retention, Superdrol is an excellent cutting ingredient for competition preparation when you want to get your body as lean and hard as possible in a short amount of time.

Advantages of performance

In addition to the physical benefits that Superdrol can provide, the steroid’s performance benefits are just as important. There will be a visible increase in your endurance as a result of this. You’ll notice a significant improvement in the intensity of your workouts very immediately.

You’ll be able to complete your current workout regimens more efficiently and with less weariness. Recovery will also be greatly enhanced. There will be less downtime between workouts, less muscle discomfort, and overall speedier recovery times, allowing you to return to the gym and work on the same muscles much sooner than you could otherwise. This will, in the end, speed up your outcomes.

Dosage of Superdrol and Cycle Length

Because of the liver toxicity risks linked with Superdrol, it’s a steroid that should be used sparingly rather than as part of a protracted cycle.

The maximum safe cycle length for using Superdrol is 6-8 weeks, followed by a break of at least the same length of time, but preferably more. Cycles that go more than 8 weeks put the liver under a lot of stress, thus they should be avoided.

Your Superdrol dosage will vary based on your objectives and any other substances you’re stacking it with. For male users, a typical dose ranges from 10mg to 20mg per day.

Because Superdrol is an oral steroid, dosages must be calculated in terms of how many capsules you’ll take each day, and they must be taken with food. While it may be tempting to try to boost Superdrol’s good benefits with doses as high as 30mg daily, and some users do, the liver stress that such high doses are likely to induce should not be overlooked.

Superdrol is frequently stacked with testosterone at a dose appropriate for your individual aim of bulking or reducing, or just to replace testosterone. Nandrolone and Trenbolone are two more prevalent steroids that can be successfully stacked with Superdrol.

Anadrol vs. Dianabol vs. Superdrol

Dianabol and Anadrol are two more steroid options that you could use in place of Superdrol. These are all fairly different in terms of what they may give and any potential negative effects you may encounter.

It’s a common misconception that Superdrol is a more powerful version of Anadrol, however this isn’t the case, especially when it comes to mass growth potential. When compared to Superdrol, Anadrol has a lot more potential for mass gain. Superdrol, on the other hand, is still capable of producing outstanding results and has a significant benefit over Anadrol in this regard: no water retention.

While Dianabol is one of the most well-known and strong steroids, it does have one disadvantage that Superdrol does not: it aromatizes. As a result, you’ll have to deal with water retention and gyno difficulties if you use Dianabol.
While Anadrol is not an aromatizing molecule, it can nonetheless have estrogenic effects, such as gyno. As a result, Superdrol is the only steroid of these three that is assured to have no estrogenic adverse effects. This can be a deciding factor for people who are particularly sensitive to estrogenic effects or prefer not to deal with them.

Dianabol has the advantage of being a less androgenic chemical, therefore users who are prone to androgenic side effects such as hair loss may prefer it.
All three of these anabolic steroids are extremely effective in their own right. The disadvantage of Superdrol is that it has the highest risk of liver damage of the three chemicals. Anadrol is widely regarded as a far safer steroid to use.

Because Superdrol, unlike Dianabol and Anadrol, was never used therapeutically, there is less evidence on its positive and negative effects. Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing Superdrol, it is usually the most difficult of the three to locate.
When determining which compound to utilize, keep all of these things in mind. You can expect excellent muscle and strength gains in a short period of time regardless of either Superdrol, Anadrol, or Superdrol you take.

Superdrol is a flexible anabolic steroid that works well in both bulking and cutting cycles, providing excellent results in both. However, as we will see, it has some drawbacks that can be substantial in some people, and these will be key factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use Superdrol.

What results can I expect using Superdrol?

You can expect some nice quality mass gains with Superdrol, and although they won’t be the massive gains you can get with some of the more powerful steroid compounds, they will come without extra fluid or gyno since Superdrol does not aromatize. But Superdrol is more than just a mass gaining compound. It can be used for virtually the entire range of bodybuilding and body composition goals from bulking to cutting to off-season use.

During the off season you can continue seeing the benefits of Superdrol through its ability to enhance the metabolism. You’ll be able to make clean gains during the off season as well as more efficiently maintain existing gains, rather than seeing muscle tissue loss.

This same effect applies during cutting: Superdrol promotes a high anabolic state in the body, encouraging the burning fat without the loss of lean muscle while your diet is taking in less calories than usual.

Without water retention or bloating, Superdrol’s effects bring about a hardened, dry look that can be difficult or impossible to achieve with a lot of other popular compounds. This can be considered in a similar way to the results possible with the near identical compound Masteron.

Other positive performance effects include enhanced recovery as well as increases in strength and stamina. These often overlooked yet critically important effects will play a big role in boosting your performance and ultimately leading to faster results. You’ll be able to fit more into your workouts while seeing recovery times become faster and more efficient.

Side Effects from Superdrol Cycle

We must be aware of the potential adverse effects of Superdrol, as with any anabolic steroids. There’s some positive news here, especially because there’s no estrogenic activity. However, Superdrol can have some major side effects on the body, so it’s important to be aware of what to look out for when using this steroid.
The following are the most important Superdrol adverse effects to be aware of:

Androgenic side effects

Although Superdrol has a low androgenic rating, some users may have androgenic effects. In comparison to other steroids, most men experience only minor androgenic side effects. Acne and hair loss are examples of this. The androgenic effects of Superdrol will be tolerable for most guys. Even at low doses, this steroid is likely to cause virilization in female users.


The effects of Superdrol on the cardiovascular system are one of the more important side effects to be concerned about. This steroid can cause bad cholesterol (LDL) levels to rise while good cholesterol (HDL) levels fall. Superdrol should be avoided by people who already have high cholesterol. Even those with normal cholesterol levels will need to pay close attention to their diet and activity, ensuring that they consume enough cholesterol-friendly foods, particularly those high in omega-3 fatty acids. Workouts should also involve adequate cardio exercise on a regular basis.

Testosterone suppression

Users of Superdrol might expect a significant reduction in natural testosterone, necessitating the usage of a testosterone steroid. This maintains a constant level of testosterone in the body for the duration of the cycle, and PCT is nearly usually necessary when the cycle is completed.

Liver toxicity

With this oral steroid, the hazards to the liver are unavoidable. As a result, cycles should always be kept to a maximum of 8 weeks; nevertheless, many people will only use it for 6 weeks, at which time outstanding results can still be obtained while balancing the stress on the liver. Superdrol should not be used by anyone with a weakened liver because of its significant hepatotoxic potential. After using Superdrol with no other liver toxic steroids for at least 8 weeks, but ideally longer, a pause of at least 8 weeks should be taken to allow the liver to heal.

Estrogenic side effects

Because Superdrol does not aromatize, it does not cause the estrogen-related adverse effects of water retention and gyno. This leads to cleaner, harder gains and eliminates the need for anti-estrogen medicines. However, if you combine Superdrol with aromatizing steroids, you’ll need to account for estrogenic effects.

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