My order has not arrived

If your order has not arrived after 40 days from the shipment date (date of the first tracking information lin), please contact our Customer Support team and we will initiate a carrier investigation to confirm a seizure or loss and reship your item.
Please note that we will not be able to help until 40 days have gone after the date of shipment. These are the international post regulations regarding the time limit for filing a complaint or initiating an investigation.

How long does delivery take?

International orders typically take 10-15 working days to arrive, whereas domestic EU orders take 5-7 working days. Please keep in mind that shipping time is greatly dependent on a variety of factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, and international cargo routes, among others, which is why we provide an estimate based on our statistics and previous experience.

How can i track my package?

After you received your tracking number we recommend to use one of the following tracking services like:



Please note that tracking numbers are most of the time poorly updated. The tracking information usually updates when it arrives to the customs of destination country. After that it is a matter of several days to receive it.

When will you ship my order?

After we receive the payment usually it takes up to 24-48 hours for us to prepare your package for dispatch. We are shipping Mondays to Fridays. Please consider national holidays.

Why bitcoin/btc is better ?

Bitcoin is the world’s fastest-growing and most successful currency. Even three years ago, most people had never heard of it, and now BTC is one of the most commonly used words. Not surprisingly, BTC transactions are instant, anonymous, and inexpensive, and they represent the most convenient payment system that is not controlled by governments because it is not owned by any banks.

Is there a minimum amount for an order?

Our store has no minimum amount for an order.

How to place an order?

The entire ordering process is pretty similar to that of most well-known internet retailers. To place an order, first add items to your cart by clicking the add to cart button next to each item. Go to the cart, which is accessible on the top menu bar, once you’ve completed. All of your added products, their quantities, and the total, which includes the shipping fee* and any discounts applied, may be seen in the cart. Apply a promo code in the designated field** if you have one. Choose your payment option, enter your true name and address carefully, and click Continue. Review your information; if you have any more information, enter it in the COMMENT section; if everything looks good, click PLACE YOUR ORDER. An order confirmation email will be sent to you. We will send you an email with the Bitcoin address for payment within 24 hours.

Is there a missing item?

In the rare event that our team forgot to send part of your order, we will send the missing item/s at no cost to the customer, provided that the issue was communicated to us within 72 hours of when the parcel was marked as delivered on the courier website. We take photographs of all orders prior to dispatch so we have proof that an order was packed correctly to prevent scamming attempts.

Was the parcel seized?

In case your parcel was seized, here is what you can do:

Case 1: You only receive a seizure letter.
Send us a photo of your customs seizure letter.

Case 2: Parcel received with some/all contents removed and seizure letter inside
Send us photos of your customs seizure letter, inside and outside of the parcel, and any customs markings present.

We will reach out to your country’s customs enforcement to validate the authenticity of the seizure letter. No personal information will be disseminated during this process. Assuming it’s real (we’ve seen several fake/photoshopped attempts over the years), resend will be shipped out to you within 7 working days.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We only accept Bitcoin and Monero. We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or any other methods for safety reasons.

Do you provide refund / return / exchange?

For product safety reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchange (you wouldn’t want us shipping you someone else’s returned stuff). Once your oder has been shipped, we do not provide refunds.

Help needed?

If you need professional help, we are here for you for free. Just send us email at goldenlabs@protonmail.com

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