Boldenone undecylenate


Boldenone (EQ) is a great molecule that may be used for practically any purpose in any cycle. EQ gives individuals a healthy-looking reddish-brown tint to their skin, much like a very light foundation tan.

Boldenone increases vascularity in those with less than 15% body fat and causes the delts and traps to expand in a way that makes them appear volumized and full. Some forums have ranked EQ as one of the top five most crucial hormones in bodybuilding. The improved rate of recovery and dense dry gains that don’t load on 15+ lbs of water during a cycle are also reasons why EQ is employed in powerlifting circles.Some users claim to have noticed an increase in cardiovascular endurance as well as an increase in appetite. One of the reported negative side effects of EQ is mild anxiousness, which can worsen when the dose is increased. This is owing to Boldenone’s aromatase-inhibiting properties.

For individuals searching for that extra pop in their delts, Boldenone is best used as an accessory component in a bulk cycle.On a cut cycle, boldenone can be used as a supplement to tren to assist counteract the decrease in a cardiovascular capacity that comes with tren use while maintaining muscular fullness and avoiding looking flat. Boldenone shines as the primary compound in a recomposition cycle, allowing you to maintain muscular fullness and vascularity while adding a few pounds of muscle and losing a few percent of your body fat.


15 days


Dosage (Men)
200-600 mg per week

Dosage (Women)
50-100 mg per week

Positive effects:

-Boldenone brings slower gains, but much more high quality, compared to the normal "fast" gains you can get with testosterone. In fact, the results will start to show after only 3 to 5 weeks.
-In stack it brings to the other androgens a decrease of the global water retention and thus improves the quality of the produced muscle, while decreasing the risk of side effects since its contribution allows to decrease the dose of the other more powerful androgens. It can be stacked in a mass gain cure as well as in a dry period.
-In dryness, Boldenone facilitates the loss of fat. In mass gain, it limits fat storage.
-Increase endurance


Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg/ml

Also known as:

Boldenone, Boldenon, Boldaxyl, Equipose, Equidex, Bolden, Boldebolin, Boldabol, Boldoject, Equiplex, Bold 200, EQ, Bolde, Ganabol, Boldo, Equipoise



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