DHB Cypionate


While not particularly androgenic, dihydroboldenone is a powerful anabolic. It has been shown that the drug binds to the androgen receptor very well and selectively and that it increases androgen receptor transactivation of dependent reporter genes. This translates to a medication capable of stimulating considerable muscle growth while avoiding androgenic adverse effects. Boldenone, nandrolone, and even testosterone have all been demonstrated to be significantly less anabolic than this molecule. Many athletes will undoubtedly profit from this. According to anecdotal evidence, post-injection discomfort with dihydroboldenone can be a problem for certain users. At least some of the discomfort appears to be alleviated by diluting the medicine with another injectable medicine or some other sort of sterile oil. However, the type of ester utilized does not appear to alleviate the pain for those who experience it.


Attention! Highly concentrated products can cause post-injection pain (PIP) in people who are sensitive to them. If you are prone to PIP, do not use this product. We do not offer refunds or discounts for PIP.


4-6 days


Dosage (Men)
400 -500 mg per week

Dosage (Women)
25 – 100 mg per week

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