Masteron Enanthate


People who want to develop muscle firmness and density to their bodies use Masteron almost exclusively for the aim of competing in bodybuilding competitions. For a variety of reasons, the medication is regarded as appropriate for this. When used correctly, Masteron can increase muscle hardness and density, providing a competitor a more complete appearance on stage. This is a side effect that many pure androgens will have. However, for all of them to work, you must have a relatively low body fat percentage, to begin with. If done correctly, drostanolone can boost strength while keeping or even lowering body fat, which can aid to prevent muscle loss while dieting. This can also help strength athletes and athletes in sports with weight classes improve their performance without the risk of getting moved to a higher weight class or gaining weight that will impede their performance. Masteron is largely used by bodybuilders as a pre-contest medication. Its full effects can only be obtained if the user has a very low body fat percentage. If a user isn’t, the muscle “hardening” effect that many people expect when they use the substance won’t happen. This, combined with the fact that drostanolone is unlikely to produce mass gains, should serve as a warning to users that their outcomes may be disappointing unless they are well-conditioned.


13 days


Dosage (Men)
400-600 mg per week

Dosage (Women)
100 mg per week

Beginner Masteron Enanthate Cycle
Weeks 1 – 12
Monday 1 x 250 mg test e / 1 x 100mg Masteron e
Thursday 1 x 250 mg test e / 1 x 100mg Masteron e
50mg Winstrol daily for the last four weeks
AI (Aromatise inhibitor)
Weeks 12 – 14 PCT

Positive effects:

-Great for lean muscle gains
-Very low chance of side effects
-Works fantastic on people with low body fat
-Fantastic for pre-competition
-Can bring a harder, grainier look to the muscle

Lab tests:



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