Glutathione TAD 1000!


Glutathione (TAD 1000) – your best friend for detoxifying your body!

Glutathione is an amino acid with strong detoxifying, antioxidant and antioxidant properties. It occurs naturally in all living organisms: in human, animal and plant cells. Therefore, each cell in our body is responsible for the automatic production of glutathione in order to protect itself against free radicals, strengthen, oxygenate and excrete toxins.Lack or deficiency of glutathione leads to oxidation and destruction of cells, the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections decreases, cancer cells develop, and the liver is damaged due to accumulated toxins. The demand for glutathione is very high as it is consumed very quickly due to many factors such as:

  • stress,
  • inadequate diet,
  • aging,
  • radiation,
  • environment pollution,
  • abuse of psychoactive substances such as alcohol and drugs,
  • excess medications,
  • injuries and contusions,
  • fatigue.



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