Testosterone Propionate


When compared to other testosterones with longer-acting esters, testosterone propionate is often regarded as the mildest of the testosterone esters. However, testosterone propionate, like the other testosterone molecules, has the same medicinal benefits. The key benefit of testosterone propionate over other testosterone esters is that it has a considerably faster onset of action than other substances. Users often report anecdotally that they begin to see the benefits of the chemical within the first 5-7 days of first administering the medicine due to the hormone’s rapid release. However, this benefit comes with the requirement that the compound is injected every day or every other day to maintain stable blood levels of the medicine. Many inexperienced users are deterred from utilizing the propionate ester in their first few cycles because of the frequent injection frequency. Some users feel that testosterone propionate should only be used during “cutting” cycles and that it should not be used during bulking cycles. However, this is a misnomer because the compound’s physiological actions are unaffected by the ester. Testosterone propionate can be utilized well for either mass building or cutting cycles, depending on the user’s diet and training plan. This assumption that propionate should only be used for cutting cycles may stem from the fact that a majority of users anecdotally state that testosterone propionate causes considerably less water retention than other longer-lasting testosterone esters. This absence of bloat and water retention may make the user appear thinner, leading them to believe that they are losing body fat, whereas the longer-acting esters’ water retention may lead them to believe that they are gaining body fat when they are not.


2-3 days


Men: 50 - 200 mg per day
Women: 25 - 50 mg per day

Positive effects:

-Great muscle and strength builder
-Readily available in pharma grade and UGL
-Short detection times
-Quicker gains in mass and strength
-Great for cutting cycles

Also known as:

Common Names Testoxyl, Testosterona, Testodex, Propionat, Prop, Test Prop, TestP, Propionate, Testoprogen, Testpronate, Viro-Prop, TestoRapid, Propioplex, Testos-P, TestoPro, Propitrex, Virormone, Anatest, Testoviron, Testovis, Viromone.

Lab tests:



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